The Illusion of Pluralism: Why a Secular Society Cannot Ensure True Diversity

In this, our modern age, we are often told that diversity is a virtue, and that we should embrace all kinds of beliefs and lifestyles. We’ve all seen the coexist bumper stickers. We are also told that a secular society is the best way to ensure this diversity. However, this type of coexistence is a myth. True diversity and pluralism can only exist within a Christian context and that Christian inheritance is well into the process of being torn down stomped on and I’m sure someone will be along real soon with the gasoline to set it alight.

The early American Puritans, who were deeply influenced by the Reformation, believed that the only way to ensure true freedom of religion was to have a government that recognized and honored the sovereignty of God. They believed that God’s law was the only true source of morality and justice, and that without it, society would devolve into chaos and anarchy.

The Puritans also recognized that a society that honored God’s law would be a society that encouraged the growth of virtue and morality. They believed that a virtuous society was essential to the maintenance of freedom, and that this could only be achieved through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The idea that a secular society can provide true diversity and pluralism is a recent development in Western thought. It is based on the assumption that all beliefs and lifestyles are equal and should be treated as such. This assumption is not supported by historical or philosophical evidence. In fact, it is a form of relativism that denies the reality of objective truth.

True diversity and pluralism require a foundation in objective truth, and this foundation can only be found in Christianity. Christianity recognizes that all people are sinners in need of a Savior, and that true freedom can only be found in obedience to God’s law. Only when we honor God’s law can we truly respect the beliefs and lifestyles of others.

In conclusion, a secular society cannot ensure true diversity and pluralism. Only a society that recognizes the sovereignty of God and honors His law can do so. The early American Puritans understood this, and their legacy continues to this day. We should follow their example and work to build a society that honors God and encourages virtue and morality.

Building a Brighter Future

The myth of secular tolerance has permeated our society, leading many to believe that pluralism can exist without a biblical foundation. But history tells a different story. The early American Puritans and the traditions of the Reformation they brought with them show us that a biblical worldview is necessary for true pluralism to thrive. Without a shared understanding of our need for a savior, our interactions with those who hold different beliefs will always be limited and potentially hostile. As Christians, we must work towards creating a society that reflects the teachings of the gospel in our homes, churches, and beyond. And we have hope that through the work of the Holy Spirit, our efforts will lead to a world where true pluralism flourishes, justice and mercy reign, and the Kingdom of God grows like the mustard seed, spreading from sea to sea.

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